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Hello! :D This is a blog dedicated to 5 amazing beautiful and talented British boys! and if you follow, thank you... i love you. xx . and i always follow back



if u love me sign the petition to stop after from being a movie

Please Please fucking sign this please. don’t let this woman make anymore money on trashing harry’s name and promoting abusive relationships. fuck this shit. i’m sick of all this 5o shades of rape and abuse, shut it down

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So this was an incredibly random thing that I did out of the blue. I am not a music person, I don’t know the first thing about composing music, but I managed to make this mashup of One Direction’s “Last First Kiss” and Taylor Swift’s “Come Back… Be Here.” It’s weird how perfect they fit together. The audio quality isn’t amazing, but good enough to enjoy. At first I made it so that it was just One Direction singing over a Taylor Swift instrumental, but then I decided to challenge myself even more by adding Taylor vocals back into the mix. This is complete amateur’s work, but I’m posting it here to see if anyone else will enjoy it!

Can someone PLEASE post a download link for this

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